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Anthropology of AIDS: Modes of Engagement

This special issue is the fifth to focus on AIDS in Medical Anthropology; since the first, two special issues have focused on the prevention of HIV transmission and one on AIDS treatment. The focus of the current issue is on the normalization of HIV/AIDS, implying that this might be the last.

In 1989, Medical Anthropology was the first journal in the field to publish a special issue on anthropology and AIDS, titled “The AIDS Pandemic: A Global Emergency.” Lawrence Greene, the journal’s editor at the time, anticipated that there would be more special issues to come on this “timely subject”. 

Publication details

Edited by Anita Hardon, Eileen Moyer 
Medical Anthropology 
Vol. 33, Iss. 4, 2014

Published by  SSGH

15 November 2016