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Empty Home. A film about fast urbanisation in China

24 November 2016

In contemporary China, cities are growing fast with large-scale investments in urban housing to accommodate rural-urban migration. UvA anthropologists Sanderien Verstappen and Willy Sier made a documentary about the desire to buy a house in the city and the inability to live there.

For people from rural areas, buying a house in the city has become a symbol of success. Yet, the houses they are able to afford are often located in city outskirts with few labour opportunities. Therefore many are unable to stay long-term in their newly acquired house, and instead furnish and store it for the future. This film is about such a house. It is empty most of the year, but the owners still consider it their home.

Screening of the film Empty Home

The film will be screened at then VU Amsterdam Ethnographic Film Day, December 7, 13-14. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the makers.

Published by  AISSR