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Mario Rutten Thesis Award Anthropology

22 December 2016

Bert Derkx received the first Mario Rutten Thesis Award for the best Master thesis 2015-2016. For his Master ‘Medical Anthropology and Sociology’ Derkx wrote an impressive thesis on storytelling and narratives by doctors who become patients themselves.

In his thesis (Arts én patiënt; Narratief, identiteit en het lichaam) he focuses on the concepts of narrative, identity and embodiment. 

About the Mario Rutten Thesis Award

The Mario Rutten Master Thesis Award is annually presented to Master students of the Anthropology department. In fond memory of our dear colleague Mario Rutten the prize will be awarded for a thesis which is based on solid fieldwork and thick ethnographic descriptions. The prize consists of the publication of the thesis in a new online department series and a monetary prize of 1000 Euros. The jury consists of staff members and representatives of the Anthropology research groups.

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