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New videos on social science research online

17 February 2017

The Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) published twelve short videos in which researchers present latest research results within the themes of Security Practices, Gender & Sexuality and Research Methods.

During the AISSR Harvest Day 2016, twelve researchers presented their research question in short film clips. These clips have now been completed with the research findings and published on Youtube and on the AISSR website.


Security Practices

  • Authoritarian Rule of Populations Abroad - Marlies Glasius
  • Everyday security in the urban realm - Nanke Verloo 
  • Detention and deportation of irregular migrants and unrecognized asylum seekers - Barak Kalir
  • Public-private security assemblages - Rivke Jaffe

Gender & sexuality

  • 18th Century Methodology to Distinguish Sex and Gender - Eric Schliesser 
  • Gender-ethnic labour market inequalities in Europe - Stephanie Steinmetz 
  • Expressions of Gender in Chemical Use - Anita Hardon 
  • Women and urban change - Willem Boterman 

Innovative Research Methods

  • Film making and messiness - Mattijs van der Port 
  •  Data Mining and Network Analysis - Eelke Heemskerk 
  • Experiments, an example with social networks - Jeroen Bruggeman 
  • Open Qualitative Research - Gerben Moerman 

Published by  AISSR