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Centre for Social Science and Global Health (SSGH) launches a call for activity grants for 2024. We invite you to submit proposals for activities to be carried out in 2024 with SSGH support.

The Centre for Social Science in Global health is an interdisciplinary platform that brings together social scientists and humanities scholars at the UvA who work on Global Health, broadly conceived. Global health is not just about health in the Global South, however defined. Rather scholars working on global health explore global(ized) dimensions of (ill) health and study processes of globalization and global flows, often with special attention to resulting inequities.    

The SSGH board hereby launches a call for activities. These activities are to be carried out in 2024.  SSGH awards small grants to its members to fund activities in the domain of Global Health, broadly conceived. We award grants with a maximum of €3000 per proposal. Examples of activities that will be awarded include, but are not limited to: 

  • Taking part in a conference 

  • Organization of: 

a workshop (e.g. for proposal development, a writing retreat)a masterclass or (methodological) training a collective excursion  

a societal outreach activity  

a seminar/lecture with invited speaker(s)  


Total amount available is € 13.000,00 

Eligibility Criteria/General requirements: 

  • The proposed activity is organized by/includes at least one scholar directly affiliated with SSGH (to become affiliated, write to with a brief rationale of how your work relates to global health) 

  • Thematic fit within SSGH  

  • Proposed activities should benefit more than one SSGH member 

  • Funds must be spent by December 15th.  

  • Grant holders commit to producing a short item about their activity/project for the SSGH webpage: either in the form of a self-made report/blog post, or agreeing to be interviewed by SSGH program manager 

Assessment criteria 

  • Feasibility of proposed project/activity 
  • Potential scientific or societal impact 
  • Benefits to other SSGH members, early career researchers and Global South scholars. 
  • Inter- or transdisciplinary nature (transdisciplinary: involving multiple disciplines and non-academic stakeholders). 


Applicants submit a proposal to (no longer than 2 pages), including: 

  • Description of proposed activity 

  • A workplan for the organization of the activity (i.e. an overview of who does what - please note that we expect applicants to take primary responsibility for organization) 

  • A budget sketch 

  • Specification of when activity will take place 

SSGH co-directors and Board members will review the proposals. 


Submit  proposals: March 22nd 

Board meets: April 5th  

Notification of awards:  April 13th